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Entrust your legal matter to an attorney who believes in getting the job done cost-effectively, in a timely manner and in the client's best interests.

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At Lanny D. Ray Attorney at Law, PLLC, every challenge is a problem to solve. Every client’s concern is an issue to address and overcome. Despite whatever flaws our legal system presents, there is always a way to better the future through skillful navigation of the law. From this perspective, the law firm is a valuable resource for individuals and families facing critical legal matters such as divorce, child custody and probate litigation.

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I am attorney Lanny D. Ray and I invite you to consider the advantages of working with a sole practitioner like me. I work solely for my clients and no one else. I bring a wealth of experience from other places to benefit my clients in and around Huntsville. Most come to the firm from Walker, Madison and Leon counties. All experience the benefits of working closely with a local attorney who has a broad-based perspective on critical issues in family law, probate and other areas of the law.

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The first step toward resolving a legal matter may seem to be the hardest: picking up the phone to call an attorney. Virtually no one budgets for divorce or probate litigation ahead of time. The legal costs associated with retaining a lawyer may seem to be an obstacle, but the cost of delaying action can be much higher. I will gladly explain how previous clients have worked out the financial details while pursuing legal matters in a timely manner. Visit my Huntsville law offices to map out a strategy for tackling your Texas divorce or probate litigation case cost-effectively.

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