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About Lanny D. Ray: The Attorney And The Law Firm

Allow me to introduce myself at the same time that I welcome you to my firm’s website. Having worked at another law firm, I now practice on my own as a solo attorney so I can devote all my attention to my clients and their needs. I am lawyer Lanny D. Ray and I look forward to learning what has brought you here.

Things To Know About My Background

For more than 21 years, I have been serving as a lawyer in a variety of legal practice areas, focusing on family law and many other areas of the law. I am a graduate of Northeast Louisiana University and Baylor University. I was a captain in the U.S. Army during the years between undergraduate school and law school. I have practiced law in Washington state and in Texas. I clerked for the Louisiana Supreme Court under the Honorable Justice Chet Traylor.

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How I Will Approach Your Divorce

Discuss your situation with me, family law attorney Lanny D. Ray in Huntsville, and I will explain how we can work together to get you the legal protections you need right away, as well as representing you in your divorce case to the end. Most of my clients come to me from Walker, Madison and Leon counties. I am both empathetic and skillful in my role as an advocate for men and women facing this major life event.

How I Will Work With You To Protect Your Parental Rights In Your Custody Case

At Lanny D. Ray Attorney at Law, PLLC, in Huntsville, you can count on our direction and advocacy to protect your vital parental rights and your children’s best interests.

While I work with both mothers and fathers in custody cases, I have developed a strong reputation for defending child custody rights for fathers. Some favorable outcomes for my clients have involved fathers who won custody (possession) of very young children and child support from mothers.

I have skillfully represented parents of both genders in custody cases where substance abuse, special needs and other challenging factors were considerations.

I am prepared to advise and represent you with creativity and determination to bring about the most favorable outcomes your case allows.

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