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A General Law Practice At Your Service

Lanny D. Ray Attorney at Law, PLLC, is a valuable resource for people in and around Huntsville. I am lawyer Lanny D. Ray, owner and operator of the firm and I appreciate your interest. I take on lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of cases, from straightforward to complex. Clients come from throughout Walker County and beyond when they want to work with a lawyer who knows the playing field.

Handling A Variety Of Legal Matters

I welcome the opportunity to explain how I can help resolve your legal matter such as:

  • A real estate purchase/sale agreement or closing
  • A real estate dispute involving a boundary, easements or use of rental property
  • A residential or commercial lease contract or eviction
  • A will contest or any type of probate litigation
  • Any civil dispute involving a contract, property rights or other legal issues
  • A consumer complaint or alleged business-to-business transaction
  • Enforcement or modification of a family law order

How I Position My Clients For Favorable Outcomes

I keep my clients informed so they are well-prepared to make decisions in their best interest as their cases move along. Many law firms offer advice and quick deals, but I often take cases to court. My legal opponents understand this. My clients often benefit from my reputation as a strong litigator, whether cases are settled out of court or resolved before a judge and/or jury.

The bottom line in any civil dispute is the protection of rights and/or assets. Choose an experienced litigator when you need representation to right a wrong. I can help you recover losses after a business deal has gone bad or your rights of any kind have been infringed upon.

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Call 936-439-6940 or send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation on your family law or general legal matter.