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Confidently Tackle The Hard Topics In Your Divorce

Although divorce is common in our society, when it becomes a reality in your life, your worries and challenges can seem all-consuming. It is no small matter to experience disruption to virtually every area of your life, including where you live, when you see your children, which assets you will carry with you into the future and much more. Your social life, your identity in the community and the most personal aspects of your life are all affected when you and your wife or husband go your separate ways.

One way to take back the reins is to find a divorce lawyer you can trust to advise you in your best interests. Many people have already been through the hardest part of the emotional separation from a spouse before approaching a lawyer. Others request an attorney’s help immediately after learning a divorce is imminent when:

  • A spouse has served a petition, perhaps without warning, and the petition demands a prompt response.
  • A spouse’s extramarital affair or serious gambling problem has come to light.
  • Domestic violence has reared its ugly head.
  • A drug problem or serious criminal charges have made life together untenable.

At Lanny D. Ray Attorney at Law, PLLC, in Huntsville, your current concerns matter, and your future well-being matters even more. I am experienced family law lawyer Lanny D. Ray and I am well-prepared to guide you in the direction you need to go in your case.

Confront The Key Aspects Of Your Texas Divorce: Property Division And, If Applicable, Child Custody

No matter how your pending divorce has come about, you are likely concerned about protecting:

  • Your most important assets, including retirement accounts and personal property — possibly including agricultural assets, collections of valuables and other special possessions
  • Your business, if applicable
  • Continuing possession of and/or access to your children

I am here to help you take the necessary steps to watch out for your rights and interests in these and other matters pertaining to your Texas divorce. I primarily represent people from Walker, Madison and Leon counties.

Will Your Divorce Be Uncontested Or Are There Areas Of Strong Disagreement?

Every marriage is unique and so is every divorce. You and your spouse may be going your separate ways amicably and wish to file an inexpensive, simple divorce. Or you may be engaged in serious disputes over property and/or children. Whatever your situation, you can count on me to provide reasonable solutions, frank advice and zealous advocacy on your behalf. Let’s talk it over so you will know what to expect and how to get there. Call 936-439-6940 or send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.