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Custody: All About Fathers’, Mothers’ And Children’s Rights

What is known as custody and visitation in other states is legally described as possession and access in Texas. As a parent involved in a separation or divorce, you are well aware of the great stakes involved in a custody dispute. As a loving parent, you will naturally go to great lengths to defend your parental rights. Securing your rights will, in turn, support your child’s security and well-being.

Whether or not the other parent cooperates, you need to take legal action with an experienced attorney on your side. In settlement conferences, in mediation or at trial, I am prepared to protect what matters most to you. Resolving your child custody case means:

  • Ensuring that you will have the necessary legal protections to exercise your rightful parenting time and protect a sense of stability for your child(ren)
  • Preserving your right to make important decisions about your child(ren)’s education, religious upbringing, medical care and overall well-being

I Take On Challenging Custody Cases For The Sake Of Families, On Behalf Of Fathers And Mothers

You may be approaching a divorce or you may be unmarried. You may already be divorced, requesting a modification of a court order for possession and access to your child or children. Whatever the specifics of your situation, protection of your rights and responsibilities as a parent is your No. 1 legal challenge and my priority if I am your attorney.

I am custody lawyer Lanny D. Ray and I am prepared to guide you skillfully toward a possession and access agreement that works for your family.

Child Support Is Related, But Also Distinct From Custody And Visitation

Child support and child possession or custody are related, but not the same legal issue. Whether you should pay or receive child support, you naturally want to ensure that the amounts are reasonable. You deserve to have clear information about how one will affect the other. If I represent you, I am ready to take on challenging issues such as:

  • Determination of the other parent’s self-employment income
  • Determination of support for a child with special needs
  • Justification for deviation from the state’s child support formula
  • Modification of a support order due to extenuating circumstances such as a natural disaster, job loss, the other parent’s promotion or modification of your custody order

Learn Why Even My Opposing Parties Have Later Sent Friends and Family Members To My Law Firm

Many of my best referrals come from other attorneys in and around Huntsville. They have witnessed my effectiveness as a child custody attorney from the other side of my clients’ cases. I would be glad to evaluate your family law situation and explain how I champion child custody rights for fathers and mothers. Schedule a consultation by calling 936-439-6940 or sending an email inquiry through this website.